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In a conversation with my sister-in-law, I talked about the various combinations I do with food to convince my little one to eat his meal and she suggested I record it here. So before I forget, here they are.

If  the combinations strike you as yukky- the taste may surprise you 🙂


I don’t think in Nigeria that it is delineated if your eggs are scrambled or omelette style by the general population, but of course the new age millennial I expect to be all about those kind of things.  In my household, weekend eggs is always a production 90% of the time, sunny side up eggs comes when going for the quintessential English breakfast and I can afford to use up my Heinz baked beans, lol, sad-  I know 🙂

Typically the added ingredients to the egg production ranges from;
[red onions and tomato], OR
[onions, different types of peppers, sardines (if hubby making)/ corned beef (me) ], OR
[mushrooms, onions, sardines and/or peppers]

basically whatever takes our fancy and we have at home.

Hubby’s eggs- Red chili,Anaheim, jalapeno,green bell &sardines

SO what is the tidbit, my little one until recently would not eat eggs when I offer it to him even in fried rice, which is one of his favorite meals. How did I  manage it?  I added his favorite fruit – BANANA!

1/3 banana (or more, just enough that its taste is evident)
1 egg
Splash of vanilla extract
Sardine/ tuna and
Carnation condensed cooking milk (I always use this more often than regular carton almond milk)
whisk together all components and fry in oiled skillet as an omelette.

Verdict– he now eats eggs! At least this way for now, soon he will be able to join us in our Saturday morning feasts!

AVOCADO as a delivery mechanism:

Banana and avocado slightly mashed together is a favorite of the little one but sometimes I use it to deliver food that he is a bit resistant to or just says that he had one too many times, lol.

Tidbit: In my avobanano combo, I have included sausages because he loves his meat just to switch it up once in a while.  This week, after trying to feed him a combination of his favorite meal (Isreali couscous and the pseudo-bolognese I mentioned last post) and he was not interested second time around. I defaulted to combination, I hate wasting or throwing food away, so most of my recipes always comes from combining what looks feasible in the cupboard/ fridge.
So the next combo was “avobanano/ sardines and Israeli couscous”.

NOTE- I always cook the couscous in broth (chicken or vegetable). I have also added rice or quinoa (he enjoys this with a sauce by itself) to the avobanano when he gets fussy . Or the other way round, have rice and Nigerian stew with avobanano as a side to be used in emergency, lol.


ONE more thing; so for the homemade pancake mix. What I have tried in the past before I stayed with crepes is:
Blended dry oats(old fashioned oats)
All purpose flour

Initially I had tried just oats by itself and it fell apart, so I changed it to half and half (oats/flour). You can add eggs if you wish, and there you have your pancake mix!  Again this recipe allows for different substitution with varied berries, or other fruits that may work- trial  and error ALWAYS 🙂

Happy experimenting!



Oven Plantains:)

So I was chatting with my friend, and plantain came up. She said she did not get the oven plantain method that we love so much in my household, and that it does not taste the same as fried (true, but healthier); she had tried it but the end product was not great. I know what she means because my first attempt did not give the best results until I made slight modifications to method:

  • Sliced plantains in a bowl
  • Add Salt ( optional)
  • Paprika (optional, sometimes I might add black pepper)
  • 1-2 TBS Olive Oil ( as needed, because I typically cook about 4-8 whole plantains at one go)
  • You could also use a spritzer method for this, which I do sometimes and omit step 4 and just line up the plantains on the pan

* I am not adding the volume needed to fry all of them, just enough to coat each sliced plantain*

Mix/Toss in the bowl

* I also let the plantain sit in the bowl for a short spell (you decide how long, but at least 30 minutes for me- while oven heats up. Or to be used later in evening for dinner)

I bake (@ 350F, default temp) my plantains but you can try broiling option. You can flip your plantain to other side midway or just leave it. NOTETHIS IS A LONGER PROCESS THAN FRYING BUT USES LESS OIL

Now the key is to line your oven pan with cooking Aluminum foil and on top of that add parchment paper; what this does is prevent the stuck burnt on baked plantain you would get with just foil, and it is easy to slide off! 

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