Green fish anyone?


came up this week for me, in truth it was decided a month ago that I would make fish yesterday  (again, because it was going to be easy and I would not get caught up in trying long winded ideas).  BUT I have watched enough food cooking and eating shows, and from personal experience to know that fish is not easy- it also has its ‘rare, medium, medium well, and well done’ taste category as well as the dreaded BONES that most people are afraid of.  You also want the fish to be fish tasting.

BONES!!! please as an African you chew it and get the better of it not it of you.  And if it gets stuck in your throat, there is a starch food to push it down.  I have yet to come across an African that choked on a bone.  So you know by my statement that I have not bothered to learn filleting/de-boning techniques-  something I must do, grudgingly, to get to the next level of fish cooking.

The event: it was going to be a gathering of Africans so I went with  Fresh Tilapia (not frozen)

Ingredients:  Using mostly what I had in my garden ;

  • Spring onions (scallions)
  • Thai chili pepper
  • Habaneros
  • Fresh herbs [lemon thyme herb, basil, Italian parsley (because it is what I grow), rosemary sprigs] Garlic cloves (no longer growing in my garden, so purchased them)
  • Fresh ginger
  • Juice of sweet lemon fruit
  • Juice of sweet orange fruit (not navel orange)-  not typical tangy flavor
  • A dash of soy sauce for salt and
  • Spritz of olive oil on the fish

I used a spritzer for spraying- this method avoids the aerosol cans, see picture below and then left fish to marinade overnight . The fish had been cleaned and sectioned/scored by cutting to the bone on both sides without truly slicing through to allow seasoning to seep in.

NEXT DAY, I cooked for  about 40 minutes covered in foil @ 350-370f (started at lower temp and moved up to higher temp, 4 whole fish in a big foil pan) after that I removed the foil, drained out the juice (au jus) using a baster and baked for another 20 minutes at the higher temp. The au jus– naturally made from juices of the fish was saved to be used later in serving.

Note: I did not want a seasoning rub for the fish, and the citrus removed the need for honey to create a sweet and spicy. How did I come up with this idea?  I had previously thought of no lime but lemon when I was planning for the 4th of July but somehow I ended up with peanut chicken even though I had wanted to try something out for the chicken. So when I saw the fruits while shopping  thought crossed my mind ‘oh, I wondered how they would taste’ …. but then I worried about my guests and never did it.

Misto spritzer: just fill with your choice of oil and pump with air!

Taste:  The fish was soft and juicy, surprisingly it did not pack the heat, it was in the au jus!  The au jus left over will be used for pepper soup of sorts with other bits and bobs added to it. It also retained some of the green color of the marinade seasoning.


Sweet lemon- from google images


Spicy onion marinade sauce


Prepped Tilapia


With marinade



Finished product!

Until next time!




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