Healthy vegetables overload :)

My hubby is trying to switch up his diet, naturally I am happy to oblige because it means that he will be eating regularly the stuff I want him too 🙂

This Sunday dinner  was chosen because we had minced beef at home; I had already made a small pseudo-bolognese sauce for the little one using some of the beef, so a different format was in order.  Beef burger / patty  was the next stop.

I am cataloging this recipe because I deviated from the simple burger recipe I used the last time we ate burgers.

This burger concept is not new or unique, for me though I just used 90 % of the produce from my garden.

Ingredients :
Minced beef
Spring onions / scallions
Red Thai chili
Green Thai pepper
Red onions
Worcester sauce
Beef oxo cube
Garlic powder
All purpose seasoning
1 egg.

With the exception of the vegetables,  I mixed everything in a bowl, and as I shaped the beef I added selected vegetable/s to a batch to make patties/burger. So that each set of burger had different fillings. See photo below. I had also boiled some chickpeas that I had intended to blend to paste form and mix with the beef for another filling, but alas, like chopped chefs I forgot that ingredient sitting on the cooker inside the pot,  lol.  The burger was pan grilled to desired cook level.  Beef burger patties that were not grilled got vacuumed sealed and frozen to be grilled in future when needed.
Because I did not remember the chickpeas until midway through the process and was tired by then, I  decided it will be a side on its own.


Chickpeas/ Garbanzo beans
Beef patty fillings
Beef Patty Burgers

Side dish:  oven roasted medley  of root vegetables.
Brussels Sprout
Shiitake Mushrooms
Red Beets
Shallots (small onions)
Garlic (crushed)
Rosemary Sprigs
Pure olive oil
Black pepper and salt to taste


I tossed all the aforementioned ingredients with the exception of the plantains in a bowl and oven grilled all the vegetables at 350 F for an hour or so. The Plantains were grilled on a separate pan in the oven.

Parsnip(L), Rutabaga (R)




Taste: The burger was juicy and very yummy, the oven baked vegetables were great too (the sweetness came from the plantains, beets, and parsnips).  The healthy serving is shown without a bun, and if sauce-less dry components is not your personal preference,  any sauce of choice can be added. I did not in the picture or for my dinner.  My hubby served his in a burger bun using slightly toasted brioche, and artisan sheep cheese.  For day two, I followed suit with a burger, beets, and sheep cheese in a brioche bun briefly heated so that it was warm and soft. It was delicious! AND THE MEAT WAS NOT DRY. I loved the healthy serving day one but the cheese with beets, and bread combo gave an extra sweetness on day two. Good food always taste even better to me on day two 🙂  I typically enjoy leftovers.


Next time, I will try to remember to incorporate the chickpeas with the meat to get a sample of how it tastes cooked/grilled together.  If as a reader you do it first, please let me know how it tastes and if good combo.

 FOOTNOTE :   Regarding oils – I use Coconut oil for certain dishes, Vegetable oil for mass cooking events (cheaper), Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil for certain ethnic dishes, Palm oil for most Nigerian dishes (The plague of palm oil ; on a lighter note, According to Dr. Oz), and Olive oil as my go to for all home cooking but within that group- I use different grades of olive oil i.e. pure unrefined etc to light for different types of dishes.   Click on titled link here (Oils, polysaturated etc.,) for a BBC news article on oils.

be well

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