Peanut HaHa Chicken for 4th of July and some….

Peanut Chicken

This was a hit with hubby and friends;
Pictured is the oven baked one, which retains more of its spicy heat compared to the grilled ones, which would make sense if you think about the open fire effect.  Grainy coating is due to the scallions (spring onions).

Marinade :
Peanut butter
Red onions
Soy sauce
Juice of fresh limes
Lemon zest
Thai chili peppers
Brown sugar
Fresh ginger
Olive oil
Spring onions  [assume all ingredients are fresh unless stated otherwise]

There was an hint of peanut butter taste in the chicken without being yucky, I typically prefer it as a spread but it worked out well for my first savory attempt.

NOTE– the marinade ingredients are a few things short of making it a jerk chicken.So taste your blend, and modify accordingly. My rule of thumb, I start at about 1:1 ratio and add more ingredients as I want the taste to evolve.



I am growing courgette (zucchini) this year, this vegetable is a wild beast!! OMG, it grows fast and over shadows other things and seems to be affecting my collard greens; next year I will be sure to plant it in a space by itself.

[you hear the little man complain in the background, lol]

I picked some, two pictured above, I plan to use in a salad and stir fry tonight.




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