Squash squash … Courgette!

So I mentioned last time that I am growing courgettes this season, as a result I am trying to think up different ways to use my harvest in dishes that will go down well with my palate but particularly hubby’s and son’s (otherwise it would be a wasted effort- I can’t finish it all!)..

Spagheetiiii anyone?

I typically make wheat spaghetti stir fry (pseudo fried rice) as a quick easy dish, this time around with courgettes on hand I created just that.

Whole wheat spaghetti
Jumbo prawns with tail on
Banana pepper
Thai chili pepper
Purple bell pepper
Avocado oil

What I did: quick boil the prawns in salt and black pepper water, got them out and added my broken spaghetti to the boiling water for it to cook al dente medium and drained out.  The spaghetti transferred to dish with prawns.  Then I did a quick barely 5 minutes stir fry of my diced peppers and courgettes with my special bouillons   (Oxo brand is always present 70% of the time in my cooking, and other spices, Italian herbs seasoning might have been my go to for this dish) .
I added the spaghetti to the mix followed by the prawns and another few minutes of cooking and stirring.  It was ready!!!

Taste–  I found the prawns to be softer, typically in my die hard cooking, the seafood ( PRAWNS)  err on the side of well done. This time around I was able to achieve soft and juicy (medium ).  Why???? because I did not stir fry it first to ensure doneness (we worry about rawness, lol)

Banana Bread my friend.

       There was a time banana bread was like water in my house, always present, then I stopped..and moved onto something and many other things.  Well, in having a food trade by barter conversation with a friend, as I grappled for something quick and easy- it popped into my mind. Thankfully!, lol.

I made her a simple one, trying an all in one dump it (ingredients) all one time into the bowl method, and it came out lovely and airy. FRIEND- is too picky about this or that in her food so I did not add any shebangs.  For the all in one,  I used self-rising flour instead of all purpose flour. (Inspiration- Mary Berry of Great British Bake)

Now for my household, I decided to try a new combination; a banana squash bread.

Ingredients: 3 squash (all I had ready since my last pickings) grated, 1,1/2 banana (leftover after making friend’s), walnuts 200 grams (chopped) , baker’s sugar( 225g, it is the fine one) always used granulated sugar, but this time around I used bakers sugar for both breads, softened butter 1/2 cup (~112 grams), all purpose flour (~ 250grams), 2 tsp baking powder, vanilla (free hand pouring, lol), walnuts( 200 grams), @350f- 1 hour it took instead of anticipated 40 minutes. Inspiration ( Paul Hollywood and Martha Stewart)

Note: I squeezed the juice out of the courgette into the kitchen paper towel that I had grated them onto (I don’t have cheese cloth or something to that effect). My courgette was not visible in the bread because I used the fine side of grater, next time will use coarser side and also I need more of it!  Rather than beat the sugar with my mashed banana and courgette, next time I will fold in the courgette just before adding flour. When the sugar, butter, banana and courgette separated whilst mixing after initial creamy state, I thought ooh oh..  .. Silly me, the paddling of the four brought out more water from courgette (middle name, water).   Next time,I will try unsalted pistachios instead of walnut.

Taste:  Hubby, son and 3 girlfriends from my mother’s group ( European & American)  loved it.. Verdict, it was moist. I served it to them cool from fridge. Hubby ate his hot on first day and loved it. I think it is even better served cool/cold with ice cream on top!

Green specks are the courgettes…


That is it!  🙂



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