Coconut Fried Rice

I make fried rice however it takes my fancy, basically with whatever vegetables I have on hand. By now, I am sure you’ve figured out that is pretty much how I cook. Once I do a pantry check, I then go out and buy other ingredients that I don’t have and would like to include in the dish.

It has been a while since I made coconut fried rice, and there is nothing like keeping a log that makes one remember food dishes of long time ago. So here is what I included in the rice

Brown basmati rice
Smoked turkey
Chicken gizzard
Scallions / spring onions ( from garden)
Peppers {Anaheim,Red bell, Banana, Thai chili} from garden
Fresh basil leaves
1 egg
Coconut oil

I cooked the rice, and boiled the turkey and gizzard in lightly salted water to soften them up. The turkey and gizzard were then chopped to small pieces set aside to go in the rice later.
In a wok pan (or big skillet pan / pot ) I heated up the coconut oil and added the turkey with gizzard toss them for a few minutes and then added the vegetables (I was not interested in over sauteed onions- I love the fresh taste). The boiled rice was added to the wok in batches while stirring the vegetables and allowed to cook for a little while longer. Salt and Oxo Chicken bouillon were used to enhance flavors. Then I added the beaten egg to the final product and stirred, leaving on the heat for the egg to cook.

Definitely like coconut rice. The vegetables had some crunch to them. Overall taste was great (sweet from the coconut and spicy).


Until next time 🙂

It is apples season in my garden, so that is going to be on the menu soon!



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