I stand corrected!

So for my Zucchini bread,  I had shared a photo of what I thought was the biggest zucchini harvest till date for me. Well! That has been changed. See below a new biggest zucchini till date.

So we have started brainstorming what to do with it; juicing, stir fry, breakfast omelette or cake etc. Will share what some of it gets used for.

Stay tuned for that.


In case you were wondering, this grew in a week from our last check, and other zucchinis that were budding got sucked up by this one.

We  use an organic fish and kelp mix to fertilize our fruits trees and vegetables. AND we have noticed that our peppers and other vegetables look big this year too, we are and have been watering half the time because of the drought but it does not seem to have made a significant impact on the quality of produce.

I am happy for any suggested ideas on what to use the zucchini in!

Until next time!

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