So, in my previous post My morning pick me up I used a magic bullet blender to make my juice, as I  mentioned in that post I also sometimes juice using a masticating juicer [omega vert 350 HD], which I purchased 3 years ago. Why I have a Masticating Juicer

Also, remember the 2.5lbs zucchini that I was thinking of what to do with it…… Juicing made the list, and since I had previously blended the zucchini and got the fiber taste, I was curious to see if the taste profile will be significantly different, although I did expect it.  I was, however, surprised to find that a juiced zucchini almost resembles cucumber in taste/freshness but with a slight distinct note.

For my juice combo:
Red and Green Apples from the garden
Celery stick
D’Anjou Pears
Zucchini from garden
Navel Oranges

A distinctive characteristic of masticating juicing is the thin frothy upper layer on your end product, which means less oxidation had occurred during the process. And of course,you don’t get the fibers that would be present with blending. So based on your desired taste and preference use the blender/juicer of choice. Juice only last for 3 days


For me the taste was orange, apple and zucchini while for my hubby it was apple and zucchini

Until next time! I still have loads of apples to get through, so crumble coming up next!

be well


Kiwi Citrus Juice

  • Gold Kiwi (6)
  • Sweet Orange (2)
  • Grape fruit (1)
  • Mandarin (1)

A good OJ juice- the kiwi is subtle and the citrus taste is more prominent.

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