Light Crumble.. Summer Picnic Treat!

We had a end of summer family potluck picnic with friends yesterday and I decided to make a apple crumble, of course I am constantly trying to use up the apples that are falling off our tree.

I named the crumble so because the first thing my hubby said when he tasted it was, ‘oh its light and good’; I guess my previous crumbles were rich and dense.  One reason I think may be because I used less sugar and it could also be the apples this year, but it does not take away from the fact that the crumble was great.

I wanted Rhubarb with my apples but it is not in season, so I went with nectarines.

You will need: rectangular oven safe Pyrex dish (or any oven safe container of choice) and a bowl for mixing your crumble.

Here is what I used in my crumble:

Tree Ripe Nectarines
White Nectarines
Tree Ripe Peaches
White Peaches
Red Apples
Green Apples
Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar
Dash of Vanilla Extract
~ 1/2 cup water

1 cup cake flour
1 1/2 All Purpose Flour
1/2 cup Butter
Sprinkle of Turbinado Sugar listed above
Handful of old fashioned oats (~1/4 cup)

Sprinkle of Chocolate Sauce

What I did:
I peeled the apples and cut them up into a pot, to it I added;  cinnamon, water (not too much) and sprinkle of sugar. I cooked on low heat for a few minutes(~5-8) just to slightly soften up the apples, after which I added the chopped unpeeled peaches/nectarines and covered to all to steam without burner on. Meanwhile I started on my crumbles.

Prior to this, I have never used cake flour inside my crumble mix, always used flour only and recently started including oats. Before all of that I was addicted to a crumble mix from London that I grew up on, I digress, back to main point!  I just thought why not try cake flour in the mix, but you can exclude it from yours.

The butter was added in cubes to the flour mix in a bowl and I used my fingertips to break them up and mix together , then I added a sprinkle of sugar and then the oats. You will get a crumbs consistency as you lightly mix with your fingertips. Add more butter if you want it more buttery .

I transferred my apple/nectarine/peach mix with the juice to the Pyrex dish and then sprinkled my crust mix on top. Sprinkle more sugar on top and then for design I drizzled my chocolate sauce along the top layer.  I baked in the oven uncovered for 1 hour, you will see it bubbling on the side, I covered with foil for a few minutes towards the end and it was done!

Because I did not use sugar as a major component but in sprinkles it was less sugary sweet hence  ‘light’ as my hubby described. Delicious with a complex taste; grapey taste according to my hubby. For me, I loved the combined flavor of each fruit’s natural sweetness. It was a hit at the picnic with friend that like sweets/deserts.  Serve hot or cold!


Until next time! Have a lovely one.




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