Lovely Beef Strip Steak Dinner

This is another simple quick dinner that was very enjoyable.

For this stir fry, I stuck with some of my regular ingredients when I made the marinade with one new addition, 1 guess which one it is 🙂


~2lbs / 950 g Beef Steak ( Korean style strips)
4  Anchovies strips
2 Oxo beef bouillon
2 Rosemary sprigs (from garden)
2 tsp Red wine of choice
1 small green Jalapeno (from garden)
3 small juicy strawberries (from garden)

All ingredients were blended in my small bullet blender cup [note, the end product volume is not a lot], I have detailed the exact measurements here because I had the thought that I may want to try this again at home, of course I am sure that I will probably modify again next time I make the beef. I did not add salt or black pepper or Worcester sauce, I had intended to but decided against it as I tasted the marinade. The anchovies, I expected to be my primary salty component, and since I am not big on a lot of salt, it was easy for me to omit. You can choose what your palate likes as you taste your marinade.

After blending, I laid out the beef strips in a rectangular Pyrex dish and brushed each beef strip with the marinade. The coated strips were then moved into the fridge to marinade until dinner time to be pan fried on a slightly oiled skillet when ready.

For us, the meat had a subtle sweet but creamy buttery taste; this was because of the meat I believe and the marinade just helped it along . We served our protein with pan sauteed vegetables [ Broccoli, Kale, Snap peas, Caribbean chili pepper, Red onions, Carrots and Banana peppers, Oxo vegetable bouillon]

Happy Experimenting! Until next time.


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