Most Refreshing and Tasty Salad!

This salad is a first for me and I am very happy that I gave it a try!

When I was thinking of making this salad, I thought that I had traditional couscous at home but discovered that it was only a figment of my imagination! Anyway, thankfully I did not relegate on the notion and found a great substitute!

Ingredients: Because it is a salad, I did not measure, so you can use as much of each vegeable item as you would like.

1 1/2 cup Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Blend (great find from Costco- soon to disappear, I am sure)
Red Onions
Red Bell Pepper
Small green Thai chili (from garden)
Prawns( boiled and chopped)
Italian pure Olive oil
Raw Pine nuts
Fresh long Green Beans (from garden)
Soy sauce
Black Pepper
Sea Salt to taste

I added the rice and quinoa blend to boiling water and after 5 minutes simmering, I added my prawns to the blend in the pot and some soy sauce. The prawns were fished out after a few minutes and set aside. While the rice and quinoa blend was allowed to continue to simmer until soft and water gone.  To the cooled cooked rice blend, I added cooked prawns, chopped vegetables [onions, celery, red bell, green chili, chopped green beans] , tarragon herbs , pepper and salt to taste after which I drizzled the olive oil into the bowl of ingredients and mixed them all up!

Taste: Very refreshing taste in the mouth, slight ( could almost miss it) hint of pepper from the fresh chili. The flavor profile is enhanced by the celery, onions and the sweetness from the pine nuts is great!! I LOVE this salad. I do believe  one could serve it warm but I won’t.  I added yellow pear tomato (from garden) and a slice of lemon ( from garden) to my serving plate. The pear tomato was also sweet somewhat tasting like sun sugar tomato, if you have ever tasted one.




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