Oh My Sweetness, Citrus Zucchini Bread!!

If you remember from my previous banana bread post, I had used Courgette/Zucchini (for this post, Zucchini henceforth) and mentioned that I will come back to that recipe to see if I can tweak it better and let the zucchini be visible to the eye.

So what did I do, I made sure to use the coarser side of my grater, so the zucchini came out about an inch lengthwise and less water was produced in the grating process. Last time, it was soggy before I got to the squeezing part. I have included photo to show the size of the grated vegetable.

Self rising flour (225g)
Zucchini ( 8″ from garden! -bragging photo included)
Zest of 3 navel oranges
~1/2 cup chopped roasted unsalted pistachios
2 eggs
4 TBS carnation milk
1 level tsp  baking powder
(175g) bakers/caster sugar
113g (4 oz) softened butter at room temperature

Using all in one method: I added all ingredients into stand mixer bowl and beat for a few minutes. I held out on adding zucchini for a few minutes because of my worry of beating the moisture out of it but I think it would have been okay because it was the main source of liquid/moisture.  The standard baking loaf pan of  9’by 5′ is what I used lined with parchment paper. Oven temperature 350 F.  The bread baked for about 1 hour. The bread did not have a pillow top as my previous banana bread or maybe it shouldn’t and I was just expecting it.  What I did notice, was the strong fragrance of  orange zest that filled the oven and the kitchen when I opened the over door to do my toothpick check.

Taste:  The bread came out so airy, I was shocked.  Even to the touch, soooo soft and moist. Zucchini typically has a soft subtle flavor and it was not lost in the orangy flavor that provided the sweetness of the bread.  I have to say, move over banana bread, come on over zesty zucchini bread!!!  

cake 2

 Until Next Time

be well

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