Short grain brown rice jollof

Continuation of our healthy food journey for at least once a week; my hubby  requested that I switch Jollof to brown rice. I was a bit worried because my toddler loves Jollof and messing up with the main ingredient can throw that food item out of his dietary list.  Plus, I was not interested in making two types of Jollof for the household!

For this first attempt, I used my standard white rice method but after 2 hours of nursing the rice to soften (short grain brown rice takes a looooong time to cook), I moved the rice into the oven and covered with foil for another 10 minutes with a few teaspoons of water to steam.  In the end it was great, and the flavors were all there. We are used to eating this rice so there was not huge adjustment. The shocker was that my toddler loved it!

Baked Plantains & Chicken with Brown Rice and Salad


So if you are into Jollof rice making, you can either parboil the rice a little or just slightly stir fry the dry brown rice and add you blended pepper sauce- just know it will be more than an hour.

Here is what I did (I do this also for white rice version)

  • Heat up cooking oil in the cooking pot
  • Add desired amount of short grain brown rice to it and tomato paste, stir fry for a few minutes (not to dry up/burn it). It will be a lovely red. BE CAREFUL with amount of paste, you don’t want its taste to be prominent; I use it because it gives a vibrant red.
  • Add blended pepper mix (red bell pepper, habeneros and onion)
  • Add choice of spices and salt
  • Stir and let simmer, taste occasionally to check for preferred flavor.
  • Add stock (vegetable/chicken) for liquid as rice drys up and/or still too al dente for you
  • Cover pot and leave to simmer, check occasionally
  • Transfer to oven foil pan and cover with foil to allow to finish cooking in the preheated oven.

[Whatever method you use to cook your Jollof; ‘oven only, add uncooked rice to cooking stew or mix cooked rice and stew together’ use the same for the brown rice and tweak as needed]. 

I go through this bother because we are not trying to do the ‘no carbs or special diets’, just healthy substitutions.

Again until next time!

be well


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