Coleslaw of sorts

I have had a hankering for coleslaw for a few days and decided that we’ll have it for dinner. I  chose to add a few extra fruits to make it different.

Carrots,  Julienned/shredded
Red Cabbage,  shredded
Red Onion
Zucchini, shredded
Keitt Mango (half a big one, sliced) Extra information
Apples (green and red ones from the garden, shredded)
Fresh Fig Fruit

What you’ll need:
Food processor, if you own one or Julienne shredder or Sharp Knife
Chopping board
Salad bowl mixer

I tried to make my own mayonnaise but it did not thicken nor achieve the right consistency, rather, I attained something close to a thick vinaigrette/ thousand island consistency so I won’t be sharing the recipe. When I perfect it, I shall post a photo and recipe.

The carrots were peeled, cabbage outer skin removed, apples cored, and red onions peeled.

I used a food processor for the carrots, red cabbage, apples and zucchini. For the Mango and Onion, I used a knife to cut them up. After cutting up all ingredients, they were transferred into a salad bowl and drizzled with my dressing.


Because it is dinnertime, the coleslaw was served with meat.

Lamb Chop

3 tsp Dijon Mustard
Oxo lamb bouillon
Olive oil
Pepper Flakes

I mixed all the ingredients in a small bowl, and laid my clean lamb chops in a long pyrex dish, then using a basting brush I coasted both sides of the chops with the marinade and placed in the fridge for about 2 hours.  I used Dijon mustard because I had used it in my salad dressing (Dijon mustard, egg yolk and olive oil, then seasoned to taste)

The marinaded meat was then pan-seared on both sides on top of the cooker / stove before being transferred into the oven  (preheated to @350F) for 15 minutes. Meat came out medium well;
Another guide on doneness

The mustard was a great addition to the meat, it was silky and a slight after pepper tang. The coleslaw was great but of course less creamy had I achieved the mayonnaise texture.

Try it out, hope you like the combination. Until next time!




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