Quick Sweet Creamy Mash

This was a quick dinner that was creamy good! It is, of course, very easy to make.

I made two batches of the mash, one for our little one and another for grown ups. You can fill your mash with whatever you please.


Base for both mash:
Red Potato
Sweet Potato/Yam

Sausage Mash 
Half and Half Milk
Unsalted Butter
Peas (Frozen)
Carrots (Frozen)
Salt to taste
Black Pepper

Pepper Mash
Half and Half Milk
Unsalted Butter
Red Bell Pepper
Anaheim Pepper
Garlic Clove (pressed)
Spring Onion
Chanterelle Mushroom
All Purpose Seasoning

You may substitute the milk with condensed carnation milk, and/or include cheese if you wish. In addition, the potato/sweet yam can be substituted with African yam i.e. Nigerian/ Ghana yam. We are out, which is why I used the cheaper yams/potato.

What I did:
Boiled my peeled and chopped potato in lightly salted water until soft, then set aside. I then brought to boil the milk and butter with ingredients for type of mash intended. I added seasoning to taste. After each filling was cooked in the milk. I add to the mashed potato waiting on the side in a dish, stirred and left to stand for a few minutes to thicken.

Sausage Mash (Top); Pepper Mash (Bottom)

The pepper mash was not as thick in consistency as the sausage mash because I used more milk, I will use less next time.

Taste: Both mash was sweet and creamy, while the added mushroom in the pepper mash gave it a rich nutty taste.

Serve with your choice of main,however, it is great by itself as a small plate or a la carte, if you wish.

Again, until next time!



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