Two Bean Moinmoin

Moinmoin (Nigerian savory bean pudding, in case you don’t know- it is akin to Meatloaf in form).   I took a break from making moinmoin since this past May because a friend got roped into being the moinmoin lady for our group during a trip.   B’s moinmoin is delicious, so we let her continue on that catering venture, lol.   In case you are wondering, sometimes my gals and I get lazy, and try to pass off cooking onto an easy victim- typically the one who draws the shortest straw between the three of us.

That ends my prelude!

With my hubby and I on our focused healthy eating habit, I decided to modify the standard Nigerian moinmoin, which already is a healthy dish by itself.

What you will need:

  • Ramekin/ Small Aluminum baking pans/ Aluminum foil (to create foldable pockets)
  • Cooking pot and/or Chinese steam baskets
  • Food processor/blender
  • Bowl

Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans (fresh, uncooked) see also photo in previous post
Nigerian Brown Beans / officially called- Cowpeas- see for brown beans
Peppers (habanero, banana, green bell)
Red Onions
Garlic clove
Olive oil
Oxo bouillon
All purpose seasoning

1/2 cup water
Salt to taste

Eggs (boiled medium)
Smoked Turkey (shredded)
Dried fish (rehydrated in water)

What I did:

I pre-soaked  each type of beans separately in water for a few hours to soften up, but particularly to make it easy to peel the skin of the Nigerian brown beans. The brown beans doubles up in amount while the chickpeas when soaked in water does not.

After which, I rinsed out the beans. To peel; I put the  brown beans in the food processor and added a small amount of water, then I used the pulse button to break up the softened skin peel.  In the past, I used a blender in a pulsating manner to remove peel. Both methods are easier than the manual hands rubbing motion, alternatively, you could buy powdered peeled beans.  I added more water to the beans and drained off the top layer, which has the skin peels. To the clean beans in the bowl I added garbanzo beans, peppers, onions, garlic, and some water (not too much otherwise watery end product) then blended the mix.

To the blended mix, I added my seasoning and oil. I did not have red bell peppers at home, but you may blend it with the beans to get the quintessential red color of moinmoin.  I filled my rectangular baking pans and round ramekins with each blended mix, then I added my choice of filling (egg, smoked turkey, dry fish).  I used both containers for no particular reason but it worked out well for differentiating the different fillings.  If all you have is an aluminum foil, fold and make into small rectangular pocket, fill with mix and close up with another fold.

The moinmoin was steamed cooked using my steam basket and pot, I used a common procedure in Nigerian kitchen by putting aluminum as a top layer above water in the pot. Cook time was around 30- 40 minutes.

The moinmoin was slightly grainier and leaning more toward meatloaf texture, which I think is because of the chickpeas.  Maybe a little more liquid (water or stock) next time.  That said, it was delicious; an interesting blend of both beans on the palate. Verdict- this recipe modification is definitely staying 🙂

Two bean moinmoin with smoked turkey


Until next time 🙂 Try it out and see if you like.



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