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Flourless Chocolate Torte

Cream Vanilla Frosting:
2 cups (480 g) evaporated carnation milk
1/2 cup (70 g) unbleached all-purpose flour
2 cups (400 g) granulated sugar
2 cups (454 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into cubes
~2-3 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp kosher salt

You will need:
Stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment
Saucepan / medium pot
Measuring cups

Whisk together the flour and milk until combined and place over medium heat, keep whisking over the heat until the mixture thickens and becomes pasty creamish in color. Continue to whisk for another minute or so, remove from heat and transfer the thickened mixture into the stand mixer bowl.

Over the course of an hour, I typically whisk the mixture using the paddle attachment at ‘stir speed’ every 10 minutes or so to help cool the mixture and prevent lumps.  Because I am using carnation milk, a thick upper layer crust usually forms once cool; but to prevent that I stir occasional, which also speeds up the cooling process (you can also cool your flour-milk mixture in the fridge for half the time, if a top layer forms just scrape off rather that mix in otherwise you will get lumps in your end product).

After cooling, I turn up the speed to low and slowly add sugar until incorporated. While continuing at the low speed, I add all the butter a cube at a time then after it is all combined, I add salt, vanilla and coloring (this can wait until you attain the smooth texture).  Then to get the smooth frosting texture, I turn up the speed to medium / high and mix for about 8 minutes or more; the frosting will go through different textures but what you want is a completely smooth and silky frosting. So mix for as long as it takes, be assured it won’t be 20 minutes. You will know it is ready when you see the frosting become silky, you can add your coloring here and do a last mix if you did not add before the last stage.


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