Lavender and Anise Macarons

I used two methods for making the macarons, which ended up affecting the texture of the batter but not the end product. However, I will say I prefer the method for Lavender Macaron (blue ones) because it had that sheen appearance that I like. I will refer to the blue ones as French style while the orange ones as Standard [and this is not a true delineation but just for description purposes]

Difference between both methods:
Standard- Batter was thicker and took longer to dry out while the French style dried out quickly and more watery.

Macarons is reliant on technique savviness- it takes 30 minutes to prep and pop in oven

What you will need:

  1. Macaron baking mat (these are special baking mats designed to get perfect size macaron) Or Parchment baking paper /sheet
  2. Piping bag with simple round tip
  3. Stand mixer with paddle and whisk attachment / Electric Hand-held mixer/ Your bowl with whisk
  4. Flour Sifter
  5. Clean bowl
  6. Spatula
  7. Boiling Pan
  8. Whisk


Lavender Macaron Plain Shell
130 g   Ground Almond (4.5 oz)
230 g   Confectioners / Icing sugar (8 oz)
5          Egg whites (130 g / 4.5 oz)
65 g     Granulated sugar (4 TBS/ 2 oz)
1 tsp    Lavender extract
Blue food coloring (until attain desired shade/ coloring)

What I did:

Mise’d {remember- measuring out all ingredients prior to baking/cooking}  my ingredients.  Firstly, I poured the confectioners sugar and almond flour into my stand mixer bowl, using the paddle attachment I mixed both to obtain a fine powder, then transferred the mixture into my flour sifter so that I can sift them into a clean bowl and set aside.

I then poured my cold egg whites into a clean round bowl, added roughly a third ( ~15 g) of my granulated sugar then whisked using my electric handheld mixer. [Use what you have- manual, but it will be an arduous process]. I continued whisking with the electric whisker until the meringue(essentially what you are aiming for) has the texture of  a shaving foam– this is whitish and must be close to the descriptor given.  I then added the remaining granulated sugar and finished whisking.

NOTE. because I had the oven preheating to 325 F, I had my AC on to avoid it being too hot and meringue not forming ( fan is also great). Remember my saying that temperature/humidity of surrounding can affect cooking- particularly baking.

I added the sifted flour mix to the meringue by gently pouring them into the mixture and fold in using my spatula.

Next step is called Macaronning:  I scraped from the center of the bowl outwards with the bowl tilted slightly towards me to ensure proper mixing ( I also do this for cake mixture folding in process). I mixed the mixture until smooth, shiny and slightly runny (don’t worry if it seems like you are losing your meringue)  BUT make sure to stop at the right moment – you don’t want liquid, you want smoothie texture.IF mixed too much-you get liquid and if not enough you get split macarons during baking.   During the mixing stage I added my lavender extract and food coloring. Finished mixing and scooped into my piping bag fitted with the round tip. Then I pipped blobs of the mixture onto the macaroon baking mat (on parchment paper- allow a good gap between each blobs, and have each blob about 1 in across)

Drying out:
You need to let your macarons rest for at least 20 minutes or more (can be up to 40 minutes)  before you bake them. It is an important step that I heard watching Great British Baking Show-tip given by Paul Hollywood.. You can know when the macaron are appropriately dried out by touching and it should have formed a skin and not tacky to the touch.

I baked for as long as it took, probably 15 minutes or so for the macarons to be easily prodded from the mat. If sticky, leave it alone!

Next is the method for Anise Macaron before I provide the cream filling recipe



Anise Macaron

114 g           Confectioners’ /Icing Sugar (1 1/4 cups)
130-140 g    Ground Almonds
3                  Egg whites
73 g             Superfine / bakers sugar ( 1/3 cup)
1 tsp             Anise flavoring
Yellow food coloring

I sieved the almond and confectioners’ sugar as previously mentioned using the sifter until no more lumps.

In another bowl, I whisked the egg whites until stiff and shaving foam texture and then whisked in the superfine sugar until a glossy meringue was attained. Here I added the coloring and flavor and then continued to whisk.

As previously mentioned, I carefully folded in the meringue into the dry ingredients and continue folding until the mixture left a ribbon trail on the spatula.

Then I spooned the mixture into the decorating bag fitted with a plain tube.

Macaron Cream filling

Ganache filling ingredients:

200 g     Semi-sweet chocolate ( 7 oz)
200 g     Heavy cream ( 7 oz)

I used the miniature chocolate balls, so did not need to chop it up; if you have chocolate bar- chop them up. I placed the chocolate in a heat resistance bowl with a round bottom (Pyrex glass mixing bowl).

Then I heated up the cream in a pan by gently bringing to boil; – by this I mean that the cream starts bubbling around the rim but not ‘boiling over’ at which point I poured the cream onto the chocolate in the bowl.

I left to stand for about a minute, then gently whisked in circle to allow all the chocolate to melt and mixed in properly with the cream. I poured the cooled mixture into the piping /pastry bag and kept in the fridge until it was ready to use. Cooling in the fridge made it easier for piping neatly.

Frosty Vanilla Icing Cream:
This recipe can be found in the coconut and orange cake recipe.

My friends and I loved it, which is why I am sharing the recipe. The subtle sweetness and flavor of the anise and lavender was definitely a great trick!

Until next time!! Try it I am sure you will love it.

be well


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