SalOkra Couscous

What a funny name eh??!!! I am trying to be creative and not just state the ingredients.

This meal included a repurposed leftover, something I am sure we all do once in a while.  So I decided to stir-fry Okra, which is very much the unconventional Nigerian method of consumption. I did discover, however, it is stir-fried in Southern Indian dishes.

Growing up, the only way I ate Okra and still do until recently is: chopping it up or quick pulse function in a blender to create an almost blended vegetable but not really; this is because you must still be able to visualize the seeds. Then you cook / boil the Okra in water with added salt to taste. Now in that boiling Okra,  you can be creative and add as many or little innards or dried fish as you wish to create a traditional ensemble to be served with some pepper based stew and carbohydrate/starch main dish.

Couscous (cooked)
Okra (chopped)
Baked Salmon (leftover, chopped)
Long Green Beans (chopped to desired length)
Pecans (chopped)
Roma Tomatoes (chopped)
Olive Oil
Water or Broth (of your choice)
Oxo Bouillon (vegetable)
All purpose seasoning
Salt to taste

You will need;
Chopping board
Saute pan or skillet
Cooking pot

This is another quick dinner that worked out well. So what I did as with any stir-fry;  cooked the couscous in water and set aside after it was ready.  I heated some olive oil in a skillet then added the chopped vegetables, tossed around with seasoning until cooked to preferred level. Note, the okra was the last vegetable added during the stir-fry process before the salmon. Then I tossed everything around for a few more minutes in the skillet and viola!!

Taste: Some heat, light and delicious. The okra was still crunchy and it was a great combination with the other vegetable and the couscous.


Until next time. Happy Experimenting!!

be well

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