Autumn hearty blend with Ahi Tuna

A fortnight seems like a long time in blogging cycle! This dish came about because autumn is here, and I sometimes enjoy making soups although that is not what I did today.
Not ideal but I typically try to alternate between Sea and Land every other week; easy life is my middle name! Tonight, I basically poured the kitchen sink into the pot and combined stuff.


Vegetables Blend:

Wild California Basmati Rice
Carrot ( peeled and chopped)
Snap peas
Brussels Sprouts
Small mixed potatoes
Turmeric root ( peeled and grated)
Ginger root ( peeled and grated)
Garlic (2-3 cloves)
Salt to taste
Chicken Stock
Oxo bouillon

What you’ll need:

Cast-Iron Oval-Dutch oven or crock pot, if that is what you have
Wooden Spoon Ladle
Vegetable Peeler
Colander or Sieve

Seared Wild Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna
Olive oil
Fresh Lemon Thyme (chopped)
Black pepper
Fresh Basil (chopped)

What you’ll need:

Griddle pan
Small spice bowl
Spoon ladle or anything that serves that purpose for you.
Chopping board

What I did:  I used a cooker / stove top Dutch Oven because I wanted more control of the liquid content, which I worry that with a crock-pot I won’t be diligent with the stirring and getting it to cook to just right texture. Basically, I added all the ingredients into the Dutch oven and continued to stir on the stove top while adding stock as needed until the rice was cooked. The turmeric gave the vegetables its yellow colour without having to use curry.
For the Ahi; I made a spicy oil (I chopped all the herbs and habenero) and brushed both sides of the Ahi with it. Left in the fridge for about 30 minutes before pan searing the fish for about a minute on each side. You can pan sear to your taste preference.

Taste:   The Ahi had some heat on first bite through on the outer layer and sweet in the middle. Soft and creamy texture that melts on the tongue.  While the rice vegetable combo was hearty with a crunch. The carrots added a sweet flavour.



Until next time. Keep Experimenting!

be well


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