Christmas Weekend: Quick Lemon Chicken, Orange Lamb, Coconut Salmon

Christmas was great, I hope yours was too.

This year, we went simple with regards to food while maximizing family time together so no Turkey etc. It was, however, a fun family cooking experience particularly because I had a keen helper in the kitchen who was interested in learning a few things 🙂

The kicker is I did not bring my camera with me to my cousin’s place so there will be no photos in this post:(

Each recipe will be listed here.

Lemon Zest Chicken


Chicken Drummer
Lemon zest 
Fresh Lemon (juiced)
Garlic clove 
Fresh Rosemary
Brown Sugar (or honey)
Olive oil 
What you’ll need:
Baking tray
Aluminium foil
What I did
This was simple quick side chicken for us. We did not have honey on hand so I used brown sugar, to get a glaze- honey may be better. I simply blended all the ingredients together except the chicken to make a marinade.  To the cleaned chicken, the marinade was added.  After marinading for a short spell, the chicken was baked inside the oven until done.
The consensus was that the foretaste was the other elements and the lemon came in last and lingered. That said, it was delicious! The chicken was served with rice.

Orange Lamb with  Sour Cream Mustard Sauce
Rack of Lamb
Orange Zest
Fresh Orange (juiced)
Garlic clove
Yellow Onions
Brown Sugar
Fresh Rosemary
Brown Sugar
Salt to taste
Sauce: Sour cream & Coarse Grain Mustard with Dill
What you’ll need:
Baking tray/pan
What I did:
Essentially, repeated same concept as I did with the lemon chicken. After marinading for a while, the lamb was oven grilled until medium well.
Delicious! The lamb was served with a roast medley of russet potatoes, parsnip, carrots and Brussels sprouts

Coconut Salmon
This came about because my little nephew wanted to taste fresh coconut water, of course, we knew he would have a bite of the fleshy part and be done with it. So rather than waste, instead of coconut shrimp- fish it was!
Fresh Coconut fruit
Red Onion
Condensed carnation milk
Some water
Black pepper
Salt to taste ( or not)
What you’ll need:
Something to crack open and peel coconut fruit
baking pan
What I did
After successfully cracking and obtaining the coconut flesh, it was blended with the rest of the ingredients with the exception of the fish and black pepper. The marinade was used to coat the salmon that was laid flat on both sides. The coated salmon was left to marinade for a little while in the fridge and baked until cooked to preferred level with some black pepper sprinkled on top.

Hot and spicy with a lovely sublime coconut taste. Fish was served with a baby spinach cranberry salad.

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