Crockpot Potato Medley

I had a very lazy weekend last week, so when I finally decided to cook – I wanted something that I could sit and let it do its thing. I used some leftovers in this dish, a habit of mine.

Unripe Green Plantain (oven grilled without peel and cut into chunks)
2 Large Parsnips  (cut into chunks)
Purple potato (cut into chunks)
Sweet potato  (cut into chunks)
Yukon potato (cut into chunks)
Red potato (cut into chunks)
Carrots (cut into chunks)
Boneless chicken breast (cut into chunks)
2-3 TBS Chicken broth (Swanson)
Olive oil
Seasoning and spices to taste
Salt to taste

What you’ll need:
Dual function crock pot (I own the Ninja 3 in1 multi-cooker cooking system)
Chopping board
Peeler- to use for all vegetables

What I did:
In the crock pot, I heated up the oil using the stove top function and then added my chicken breast that had been coated in spices (chicken OXO bouillon, garlic, black pepper) to the hot oil, let it simmer for a few minutes. To the chicken, I added all the peeled and chopped  vegetables [the plantain had previously been grilled whole coated lightly with oil]  then added the chicken broth, chopped fresh rosemary and basil from the garden. Cover and let simmer for 4 hours -for this I switched the function on the crock pot to slow cooker.

It was sweet (not sugary- but that good delicious taste that MSG gives  Chinese food) and savory. I was surprised by how good it tasted! It was a fight for your fair portion in my household after first helping.

Crockpot veg

Until next time. Happy experimenting!! Keep combining those ingredients 🙂


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