Spicy Fig Beef

This concept for this beef is partly thanks to a friend whom I had commandeered her fig spread that she brought over to my place for a girls facial afternoon.   I hadn’t used the spread on  bread as originally intended and because I’d hate for it to go waste, this came to mind.

Rack of Beef
Fig spread
Garlic Clove
Oxo Beef Bouillon
Cayenne pepper
Chug of extra virgin olive oil

What you’ll need
Cling film wrap or ziploc
Garlic press
Small spice mix bowl
Small basting brush or spoon works fine

What I did
In my small spice bowl I added my desired amount of fig spread, garlic, cayenne pepper, beef bouillon and dash of olive oil. All ingredients were mixed well together. The beef rack waiting on a cling film wrap was evenly coated with the marinade. The coated beef was wrapped tightly with cling film and placed in the fridge on a plate until dinner time.  I cooked the beef later  in the evening at 375 F for about 40 minutes, and let it rest for about 10 minutes on the counter top out of the oven.

In future, I may try fresh figs in place of fig spread next time, and add some brown sugar to help create the caramelization that occurred with the spread.

It was sweet (not cloyingly) and spicy; the foretaste was the sweet. The meat itself was very tender, silky textured and juicy.


Feel free to try that spread in your fridge! If you don’t want heat, use the spread by itself and mix in other spices. If you like heat, there are many other to choose from besides cayenne- on a mild note maybe black pepper.

Happy Experimenting until next time!

be well

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