For the little ones

My little one loves Israeli couscous and peas. This time I just added seafood and changed the type of butter I used.

I went with Clarified butter because I had some left in the fridge from a previous dish I made. Clarified butter is easy to make as I have shown – just simmer on low heat, and scrap off the foamy upper layer (useful as well). It  keeps for months and is good for lactose intolerance restriction etc.

Information on clarified butterWikipage , David Lebovitz , BBC Food


  • Israeli couscous
  • Frozen peas
  • Chicken Broth
  • Clarified butter
  • Prawns
  • All purpose seasoning
  • Salt to taste

What you’ll need:

  • Pan
  • ladle
  • Frying pan

What I did:

Quite simple, cooked the peas and couscous in the hot chicken broth and set aside. Then to the frying pan I added a tablespoon of the cooled butter, heated it up and stirred fried the prawns with seasoning to taste. Once done, the prawn was added to the cooked couscous,stirred and ready to serve!

Great for adults too. The little one still loves it with less of the butter fat.


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