Pesto Cavatelli-Prawn Salad

I am not a big fan of leafy salad so I tend to make hearty salads. This pesto salad is refreshing and light.


  • Cavatelli
  • Prawns (Sauteed with herbs and black pepper)
  • Baby White Carrots (chopped)
  • Celery Stalks ( chopped)
  • Pecans
  • Homemade Pesto (pinenuts, fresh basil, sweet red bell, scotch bonnet, garlic clove, olive oil, salt to taste)

What You’ll Need

  • Boiling pot
  • Strainer / Colander
  • Chopping board
  • Blender (if making your own pesto)
  • Salad bowl

After bringing to boil salted water in the pot, the cavatelli was added and cooked until desired texture- slightly al dente. The cooked pasta was drained and set aside to cool. The cleaned prawns were lightly sauteed medium in avocado oil with some light seasoning, and also set aside to cool. The vegetables were chopped and pesto made using the ingredients listed.  After cooling, the pasta, prawns, chopped vegetables, pecans, and pesto were all tossed together in a salad bowl.


The celery added a refreshing crunch to the salad, because there was no cheese in my pesto- i think the pecan added a creamy taste to the salad in addition to the crunch. The pepper in the pesto and prawn  was a nice touch to enhance the dish for me. Delicious!



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