Banana Leaf Troll- King Salmon

This arguably is one of the best Salmon I have ever eaten,  it is quite expensive in the grocery store so I can only imagine the restaurant price tag. The mode of cooking here I believe was in hindsight a great choice, which also helped keep the fantastic flavor of  the fish.


  • Wild Troll King Salmon
  • Herb Flavored Dipping Oil (Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar)
  • Maggi
  • African Hot Pepper Mix

You’ll need

  • Small spice mortar/ bowl
  • Steam pot
  • Banana leaf (fresh or frozen ), I used frozen that had been thawing for 2 hours
  • Basting brush

What I did

The salmon was marinaded with the oil seasoning and left in the fridge for an hour prior to cooking. The marinaded salmon was placed onto banana leaves that had been cut to desired sizes, which was used to wrap the fish. This was placed on the perforated layer of the steamer pot that had been filled with water in the bottom part. The salmon was steamed cooked until ready.

Cook time 30 minutes



Absolutely buttery delish! The heat from the pepper mix was the first bite my hubby tasted but I didn’t, that said it was top down- hot to buttery savory. The banana leaf , I believe also impacted some positive flavor to the fish.


Adding Coconut Salmon

Ingredients– coconut milk, hot pepper mix, maggi, all purpose seasoning

Baked Salmon in the sauce

King Salmon in Coconut


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