My name is, Mary, I started this blog because my husband finally convinced me after years of trying to start keep a log of the food combinations– shall we say creative creations’ I come up with in the kitchen.  As a hobby, I thoroughly enjoy fine dining without regard for the cost, as well as, gardening, baking and naturally cooking.

I hope to keep writing this blog for as long as I can, and use it as a medium to share recipes with loved ones and whomever might take a peek at my blog.

Since I started this blog, it has been a good learning process for me in trying to take good photos and note down ingredients as I cook.  I kid you not, I typically just think up a combination on my feet while trying to rack my brain, pantry and fridge for a quick meal for the family.  Other times, I give it more thought – almost always when baking. Which is why as a rule I only list the ingredients I used in a dish so you can determine/decide on ratios when cooking according to your palate.

So have fun in the kitchen as I am, and be Gastrocreative!  


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