Kitchen Electronics

I am not a gadget junkie but I like to have equipment/s that makes life a little bit more easy and convenient in the kitchen.  I do not have gadgets that I have not used in a year, I make sure to use the equipment- otherwise it would be a waste of money (stating the obvious).

My rule for buying; need, desire, best affordable price, best quality  I can afford


Drinks, Vegetables et al:

Omega  VRT350 Juicer  : Pricey but I bought this because masticating juicer are highly recommend. I will recommend this or  other similar product, if you can afford it. Just clean properly after use- follow  user guide instructions

Vert VRT330 Masticating Juicer

Ninja Mega Kitchen System with Slicing/Shredding: I did not want to spend another huge amount on a juicer type of equipment, and Costco was doing a deal so I bought this. It was half the price of the omega juicer.  It gives a different end product to the masticating juice. It is quite powerful and will blend a lot of different food types.

June Update ( I now use my Ninja for savoury- pepper blending)

Kitchen Aid Food Processor:  I own a 7 cup, there are many different types of food processor that you can find out there. Choose wisely 🙂

 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: I own the professional grade 600 series (served me well for over 4 years now). Model KP26M1XNP. I also have a few other attachments that I bought to use with the mixer

Bowl-Lift Design



Vitamix 6500 C-Series

I finally succumbed and bought myself this, I almost purchased the 780 version (let’s just say I wanted the latest and the baddest of them all) but the blender ended up being a gift from my hubby and he did not appreciate the rationale for the most expensive version. So beggars can’t be users, lol! That said, I love the blender.  I use it for all smoothies.

C-Series with Programs Machine side view